Vice President

Bio Information

I am Joseph A Nixon and I became a member of our wondrous band in the fall of 1996 at The Florida State University, and I became a Life Member in the summer of 1997 at Conclave in Orlando Florida where I served the fraternity on a collegiate task force to find resolution to hazing in our fraternity. I was also the Southern Region Collegiate of the year, and the State of Florida 2ndVice Director during that time.  Over the last twenty two years I have had a career as a football coach and I have coached in High School all the way to the professional ranks. Most may remember my previous time in Houston when I coached briefly at Texas Southern and my guest coaching intern with the Houston Texans, what brought me back to Houston was my time coaching at Prairie View A&M University. Throughout my travels Sigma has always been a major part of my life. Below you will find my Sigma accomplishments and my platform which is simple Recruit, Reclaim, and Retain.  

• President Mu Epsilon chapter (Florida State University)

• Southern Region Collegiate of the Year

• National Collegiate Task force

• State of Florida 2ND Vice Director

• Chapter Advisor Mu Epsilon chapter (Florida State University)

• Chapter Advisor Pi Kappa Chapter (Jacksonville State University)

• President Delta Beta Sigma Chapter (St Petersburg FL, Reactive the chapter)

• Advisor Lambda Pi (University of Central Oklahoma)

• Chairman of the Grievance Committee (Southern Region)

• Southern Region Director of Collegiate Affairs